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Lifter's Name Tiew Kai Ting Gender M
Club Phoenix Weightlifting Club State VIC
Coach Robert Kabbas
Age Group Mast 35-39 Weightlifting Age 39 (Born 1979)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Victorian Masters Champs (inc GP2) & VWA Open76.458510519020/04/2013240.242C. I
Victorian Senior Championships75.55(+5) 90(+5) 110(+10) 20018/05/2013254.608C. I
VWA Open & Masters GP175.708511520015/02/2014254.316C. I
AWF Clubs Tournament75.6088115(+3) 2035/04/2014258.328C. I
Victorian Masters Championships (inc GP2) & VWA Open75.958311619926/04/2014252.567C. I
Phoenix Ian Laurie Cup76.75(+2) 92(+4) 120(+9) 21221/06/2014267.463B. II
HWC Alby Dutton Memorial - Open to all Vic lifters76.95(+8) 100(+3) 123(+11) 22320/09/2014280.929B. I
Victorian Senior Championships76.95100125(+2) 22518/10/2014283.448B. I
Olitek National Sen/Jun Championships76.859512021529/11/2014271.048B. II
VWA Open & Masters GP1 77.00(+1) 101(+2) 127(+3) 22828/02/2015287.123B. I
Olitek Oceania & Australian Masters Championships76.25100129(+1) 2296/06/2015289.987B. I
Olitek Australian Jun/Sen Championships76.50(+2) 103(+-9) 12022329/08/2015281.863B. I
Phoenix Ian Laurie Cup 76.95(+1) 104(+-9) 12022419/09/2015282.188B. I
Ian Laurie76.7000012/03/20160.000
Vic Masters Championships incl Masters GP2 & VWA Open76.9070901609/04/2016201.637D. I
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP472.868511520019/08/2017257.422C. I
Phoenix Ian Laurie Invitational74.08901202104/11/2017267.752B. II
Victorian Masters Championships incl GP 175.059512021517/02/2018272.141B. II
VWA Open76.969312221510/03/2018268.428B. II
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships76.2010012422425/05/2018281.172B. I

Competition Attempts

Victorian Masters Champs (inc GP2) & VWA Open76.45808585951001058510519020/04/2013
Victorian Senior Championships75.558590951051101129011020018/05/2013
VWA Open & Masters GP175.708085881051101158511520015/02/2014
AWF Clubs Tournament75.60888892108112115881152035/04/2014
Victorian Masters Championships (inc GP2) & VWA Open75.958387891101161168311619926/04/2014
Phoenix Ian Laurie Cup76.758792931151201209212021221/06/2014
HWC Alby Dutton Memorial - Open to all Vic lifters76.95909510011712312810012322320/09/2014
Victorian Senior Championships76.959510010011912012510012522518/10/2014
Olitek National Sen/Jun Championships76.8595991011201271279512021529/11/2014
VWA Open & Masters GP1 77.00909510111712212710112722828/02/2015
Olitek Oceania & Australian Masters Championships76.25951001001221291291001292296/06/2015
Olitek Australian Jun/Sen Championships76.509510010312012012010312022329/08/2015
Phoenix Ian Laurie Cup 76.959510010412012612610412022419/09/2015
Ian Laurie76.7000012/03/2016
Vic Masters Championships incl Masters GP2 & VWA Open76.90709070901609/04/2016
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP472.867580851051101158511520019/08/2017
Phoenix Ian Laurie Invitational74.08859090110115120901202104/11/2017
Victorian Masters Championships incl GP 175.058590951101151209512021517/02/2018
VWA Open76.968893971121171229312221510/03/2018
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships76.20909510011512413110012422425/05/2018

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1580%79%80%
Higher Events (National/International)567%60%63%
All Events (Overall)2075%76%75%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-11kg - 17 events-11kg - 16 events
When missed-2kg - 1 events-6kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
TOTAL228M77VICMast 35-3928/Feb/2015Broken by Tiew Kai Ting
TOTAL229M77VICMast 35-3906/Jun/2015Current Record
SNATCH103M77VICMast 35-3929/Aug/2015Broken by Tiew Kai Ting
SNATCH104M77VICMast 35-3919/Sep/2015Current Record
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