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Lifter's Name Tyreese Cruz Gender M
Club Geelong Weightlifting Club State VIC
Age Group Youth Weightlifting Age 16 (Born 2004)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Victorian Open School League Round 193.47477712429/03/2018141.163UNGRADED
Victorian Youth & Under 15 Championships92.47(+13) 60(+3) 80(+16) 14028/04/2018160.090UNGRADED
Geelong Youth GP 494.10(+3) 63(+-2) 78(+1) 14120/05/2018160.074UNGRADED
Barwon Open & Youth GP 393.50(+4) 67(+6) 86(+12) 15323/06/2018174.154UNGRADED
AWF U15 & U17 Championships97.05(+1) 68(+-1) 851538/07/2018171.583UNGRADED
Victorian School Championships incl League Round 395.50(+2) 70(+3) 89(+6) 15919/10/2018179.441K
Geelong School Championships & Geelong Open95.066895(+4) 16314/12/2018184.294K
Geelong Senior/Masters League 194.36(+5) 75(+10) 105(+17) 18024/02/2019204.122J
Geelong School League 191.80759517029/03/2019194.992K
Victorian Senior Championships*92.95(+4) 79(+-5) 1001797/04/2019204.246J
Victorian Age Championships (U23/Jnr/Yth/U15)93.30(+1) 80(+-6) 9917925/05/2019203.928J
Victorian School Championships + Sport & Rec Cup + School League 395.65(+4) 84(+8) 113(+17) 19713/09/2019222.188I
Australian U15 & U17 Championships94.20(+4) 88(+1) 114(+5) 20229/09/2019229.228I

Competition Attempts

Victorian Open School League Round 193.47444447687377477712429/03/2018
Victorian Youth & Under 15 Championships92.47545760737780608014028/04/2018
Geelong Youth GP 494.10606363787878637814120/05/2018
Barwon Open & Youth GP 393.50656769838688678615323/06/2018
AWF U15 & U17 Championships97.0565687083858568851538/07/2018
Victorian School Championships incl League Round 395.50656870838689708915919/10/2018
Geelong School Championships & Geelong Open95.06687171909395689516314/12/2018
Geelong Senior/Masters League 194.36727578981011057510518024/02/2019
Geelong School League 191.807075789095100759517029/03/2019
Victorian Senior Championships*92.9573767995100105791001797/04/2019
Victorian Age Championships (U23/Jnr/Yth/U15)93.3075808399104106809917925/05/2019
Victorian School Championships + Sport & Rec Cup + School League 395.658487871051101138411319713/09/2019
Australian U15 & U17 Championships94.208388921101141188811420229/09/2019

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1173%76%74%
Higher Events (National/International)267%50%58%
All Events (Overall)1369%74%72%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful0kg - 12 events-3kg - 10 events
When missedN/A-2kg - 2 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ77M94VICU2329/Mar/2018Broken by Tristan Prazeus
TOTAL124M94VICU2329/Mar/2018Broken by Tristan Prazeus
TOTAL159M96VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Tyreese Cruz
CJ89M96VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Tyreese Cruz
SNATCH70M96VICUnder 1519/Oct/2018Broken by Tyreese Cruz
SNATCH75M96VICUnder 1524/Feb/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
CJ105M96VICUnder 1524/Feb/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
CJ105M96AWFUnder 1524/Feb/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
TOTAL180M96VICUnder 1524/Feb/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
TOTAL180M96AWFUnder 1524/Feb/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
SNATCH79M96VICUnder 1507/Apr/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
SNATCH80M96AWFUnder 1525/May/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
SNATCH80M96VICUnder 1525/May/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
SNATCH84M96AWFUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
SNATCH84M96VICUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
CJ113M96AWFUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
CJ113M96VICUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
TOTAL197M96AWFUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
TOTAL197M96VICUnder 1513/Sep/2019Broken by Tyreese Cruz
TOTAL202M96AWFUnder 1529/Sep/2019Current Record
TOTAL202M96VICUnder 1529/Sep/2019Current Record
CJ114M96AWFUnder 1529/Sep/2019Current Record
CJ114M96VICUnder 1529/Sep/2019Current Record
SNATCH88M96AWFUnder 1529/Sep/2019Current Record
SNATCH88M96VICUnder 1529/Sep/2019Current Record
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