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Lifter's Name Lydia Olsen Gender F
Club Cougars Weightlifting Club State QLD
Coach Miles Wydall
Age Group Senior Weightlifting Age 26 (Born 1997)

Personal Bests


Competition History

QWA League Round 4 & Masters League Round 467.20456711213/09/2014142.811J
Qld Senior & Junior Championships67.70(+2) 47(+4) 71(+6) 1184/10/2014149.780J
Qld All Schools Championships68.40(+1) 48(+4) 75(+5) 12325/10/2014155.157I
Olitek National Sen/Jun Championships69.60(+3) 51(+1) 76(+4) 12729/11/2014158.553I
Mike Keelan Shield Competition67.30496811712/12/2014149.050J
Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 168.50(+4) 55(+0) 76(+4) 13121/02/2015165.103I
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Cougars67.80527412621/03/2015159.791I
AlphaFit Qld Senior & Junior Championships73.20(+2) 57(+4) 80(+6) 13728/06/2015166.204I
Olitek Australian Jun/Sen Championships71.90557613130/08/2015160.516I
Cougars Open Club Competition68.05567613216/04/2016167.026I
Qld Club Challenge Round 2 & Eleiko Club Challenge Qualifying Round – Cougars68.55568013616/05/2016171.330H
Qld Senior & Junior Championships67.70(+4) 61(+2) 82(+6) 14323/07/2016181.513H
Australian Junior & Senior Championships69.85(+3) 64(+1) 83(+4) 14710/09/2016183.137G
Qld Senior & Junior Championships66.6558751331/04/2017168.636H
Cougars Club Mike Keelan Shield Competition64.14(+2) 66(+-1) 82(+1) 1482/12/2017191.891G
Cougars Weightlifting Club Competition67.36(+2) 68(+7) 90(+10) 15817/03/2018199.138F
Cougars Club Competition63.2560801402/03/2019183.044G
Queensland Senior Championships63.6568871554/05/2019201.888F
Queensland Junior & U23 Championships63.80(+3) 71(+-2) 88(+1) 1591/06/2019206.807E
Australian U20 & U23 Championships67.707091(+2) 16116/08/2019202.348F
Cougars Weightlifting Club Mike Keelan Shield Competition67.65(+1) 72(+1) 92(+3) 16430/11/2019206.204F
2020 Qld Junior & U23 Championships69.00(+1) 73(+1) 93(+2) 1667/03/2020206.456F
DK Duo (Pairs Competition)69.047296(+2) 16819/09/2020208.878E
2020 Qld Senior Championships69.94(+2) 75(+4) 100(+7) 17510/10/2020216.064E
Again Faster Cougars Cup in conjunction with QWA Club Challenge Rd 370.70749216612/12/2020203.777F
CWC Club Competition69.96(+1) 76(+-4) 961725/03/2022212.604E

Competition Attempts

QWA League Round 4 & Masters League Round 467.20394245626767456711213/09/2014
Qld Senior & Junior Championships67.7044475064687147711184/10/2014
Qld All Schools Championships68.40444448677577487512325/10/2014
Olitek National Sen/Jun Championships69.60444851637176517612729/11/2014
Mike Keelan Shield Competition67.30454952687373496811712/12/2014
Uesaka Barbell Australia QWA League Round 1 & Masters League Round 168.50505355727678557613121/02/2015
JME Qld Club Challenge Round 1 – Cougars67.80525555707478527412621/03/2015
AlphaFit Qld Senior & Junior Championships73.20525557737780578013728/06/2015
Olitek Australian Jun/Sen Championships71.90525557717476557613130/08/2015
Cougars Open Club Competition68.05535656727678567613216/04/2016
Qld Club Challenge Round 2 & Eleiko Club Challenge Qualifying Round – Cougars68.55535660747780568013616/05/2016
Qld Senior & Junior Championships67.70555861767982618214323/07/2016
Australian Junior & Senior Championships69.85606464798387648314710/09/2016
Qld Senior & Junior Championships66.6552555864707558751331/04/2017
Cougars Club Mike Keelan Shield Competition64.1460646674788266821482/12/2017
Cougars Weightlifting Club Competition67.36606468828790689015817/03/2018
Cougars Club Competition63.2556606072768060801402/03/2019
Queensland Senior Championships63.6560646880858768871554/05/2019
Queensland Junior & U23 Championships63.8064687184889171881591/06/2019
Australian U20 & U23 Championships67.70667070869194709116116/08/2019
Cougars Weightlifting Club Mike Keelan Shield Competition67.65667072869092729216430/11/2019
2020 Qld Junior & U23 Championships69.0066707386909373931667/03/2020
DK Duo (Pairs Competition)69.046868729296100729616819/09/2020
2020 Qld Senior Championships69.9468727592981007510017510/10/2020
Again Faster Cougars Cup in conjunction with QWA Club Challenge Rd 370.707074779297749216612/12/2020
CWC Club Competition69.96727680939610176961725/03/2022

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events2286%77%82%
Higher Events (National/International)475%83%79%
All Events (Overall)2682%82%82%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-4kg - 23 events-6kg - 25 events
When missed-4kg - 2 events0kg - 0 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ74F69QLDU2321/Mar/2015Broken by Emma Zawila
TOTAL126F69QLDU2321/Mar/2015Broken by Abbey Hughes
SNATCH71F64QLDU2301/Jun/2019Broken by Tori Gallegos
TOTAL159F64QLDU2301/Jun/2019Broken by Tori Gallegos
SNATCH70F71QLDU2316/Aug/2019Broken by Laura Prior
SNATCH72F71QLDU2330/Nov/2019Broken by Lydia Olsen
TOTAL164F71QLDU2330/Nov/2019Broken by Lydia Olsen
SNATCH73F71QLDU2307/Mar/2020Broken by Maddison Power
TOTAL166F71QLDU2307/Mar/2020Broken by Maddison Power
CJ96F71QLDU2319/Sep/2020Broken by Lydia Olsen
CJ100F71QLDU2310/Oct/2020Broken by Maddison Power
TOTAL175F71QLDU2310/Oct/2020Broken by Maddison Power
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