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Lifter's Name Jack Gibson Gender M
Club --- State QLD
Coach Jade Sharp
Age Group Youth Weightlifting Age 16 (Born 2004)

Personal Bests


Competition History

Sunshine Coast Club Competition36.9620244414/10/201797.196UNGRADED
Qld All Schools Championships36.85(+3) 23(+7) 31(+10) 5411/11/2017119.649UNGRADED
My Gym Club Competition39.10(+4) 27(+-1) 30(+3) 573/03/2018119.027UNGRADED
My Gym Club Competition40.00(+2) 29(+4) 35(+7) 642/05/2018130.717UNGRADED
Queensland U15 & U17 Championships40.20(+1) 30(+2) 37(+3) 6719/05/2018136.188UNGRADED
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 240.90(+2) 32(+3) 40(+5) 7210/06/2018143.954UNGRADED
AWF U15 & U17 Championships41.35(+2) 34(+-1) 39(+1) 737/07/2018144.447UNGRADED
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 342.50(+6) 40(+4) 44(+11) 848/10/2018162.003UNGRADED
Queensland All Schools Championships43.523850(+4) 8810/11/2018166.060UNGRADED
My Gym Club Competition44.70(+2) 42(+2) 52(+6) 948/12/2018173.154UNGRADED
Bribie Island Movement & Strength Club Competition47.00(+1) 43(+5) 57(+6) 1003/04/2019176.277UNGRADED
Physique Science Qld Club Challenge Round 2 – Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club47.52(+5) 48(+2) 59(+7) 10718/05/2019186.847UNGRADED
Bribie Island Movement & Strength Club Championships48.30(+1) 49(+0) 59(+1) 10819/06/2019186.006UNGRADED
Queensland Youth & U15 Championships47.51(+1) 50(+1) 60(+2) 11026/07/2019192.119UNGRADED
Australian U15 & U17 Championships47.75(+4) 54(+11) 71(+15) 12528/09/2019217.383J
Queensland All Schools Championships51.95(+6) 60(+0) 71(+6) 1319/11/2019212.553J
Bribie Island Movement & Strength Club Xmas Competition52.205874(+1) 1327/12/2019213.361J
2020 Qld Junior & U23 Championships53.10(+1) 61(+3) 77(+6) 1387/03/2020220.081I

Competition Attempts

Sunshine Coast Club Competition36.9617202318202420244414/10/2017
Qld All Schools Championships36.8520232525283123315411/11/2017
My Gym Club Competition39.102125272527302730573/03/2018
My Gym Club Competition40.002528292932352935642/05/2018
Queensland U15 & U17 Championships40.2024273030343730376719/05/2018
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 240.9029323532354032407210/06/2018
AWF U15 & U17 Championships41.352831343639423439737/07/2018
Uesaka QLD Club Challenge and League Round 342.503437404044474044848/10/2018
Queensland All Schools Championships43.5235384145485038508810/11/2018
My Gym Club Competition44.703740424649524252948/12/2018
Bribie Island Movement & Strength Club Competition47.0040434552555743571003/04/2019
Physique Science Qld Club Challenge Round 2 – Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club47.52454850575961485910718/05/2019
Bribie Island Movement & Strength Club Championships48.30464951565961495910819/06/2019
Queensland Youth & U15 Championships47.51464850545760506011026/07/2019
Australian U15 & U17 Championships47.75515456636671547112528/09/2019
Queensland All Schools Championships51.9553566063677160711319/11/2019
Bribie Island Movement & Strength Club Xmas Competition52.2058616168717458741327/12/2019
2020 Qld Junior & U23 Championships53.1056596170778061771387/03/2020

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1684%86%84%
Higher Events (National/International)283%83%83%
All Events (Overall)1881%87%84%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-1kg - 17 events-2kg - 17 events
When missedN/AN/A

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ44M55QLDU2308/Oct/2018Broken by Finn Lamond
SNATCH40M55QLDU2308/Oct/2018Broken by Harper Manz
TOTAL84M55QLDU2308/Oct/2018Broken by Finn Lamond
TOTAL107M49QLDUnder 1518/May/2019Broken by Levi Deans
SNATCH48M49QLDUnder 1518/May/2019Broken by Jack Gibson
CJ59M49QLDUnder 1518/May/2019Broken by Levi Deans
CJ60M49QLDUnder 1526/Jul/2019Broken by Logan Weaver
SNATCH50M49QLDUnder 1526/Jul/2019Broken by Logan Weaver
TOTAL110M49QLDUnder 1526/Jul/2019Broken by Logan Weaver
TOTAL125M49QLDUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Jack Gibson
TOTAL125M49AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Jake Beaumont
SNATCH54M49QLDUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Jack Gibson
SNATCH54M49AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Joel Wood
CJ71M49QLDUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by
CJ71M49AWFUnder 1528/Sep/2019Broken by Jake Beaumont
SNATCH61M55QLDU2307/Mar/2020Current Record
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