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Lifter's Name Toni Lane Gender F
Club Geelong Weightlifting Club State VIC
Coach Michael Torriero
Age Group Mast 40-44 Weightlifting Age 44 (Born 1974)

Personal Bests


Competition History

HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial inc. Masters GP460.2546651113/10/2015152.077D. I
Barwon Open & Barwon Club Youth GP360.72(+4) 50(+5) 70(+9) 12013/12/2015163.519C. II
Geelong Open59.80(+1) 51(+1) 71(+2) 12220/03/2016168.032C. II
Vic Masters Championships incl Masters GP2 & VWA Open59.3547701179/04/2016162.010C. II
Victorian Junior/Youth/U15 Championships60.05507012022/05/2016164.791C. II
Olitek Australian & Oceania Masters Championships60.105173(+2) 1244/06/2016170.185C. I
Vic Senior Championships59.60(+1) 52(+-4) 6912123/07/2016167.049C. II
Barwon Open59.70(+4) 56(+1) 74(+6) 13018/12/2016176.205C. I
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP159.7052751275/02/2017172.138C. I
World Masters Games/Championships59.955576(+1) 13127/04/2017177.084C. I
VWA Open incl Masters GP358.48547212624/06/2017173.091C. I
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP460.66(+3) 59(+-3) 73(+1) 13219/08/2017177.104C. I
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup60.45577212927/10/2017173.460C. I
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP463.50587313117/12/2017170.870C. II
Victorian Masters Championships incl GP 161.55557312817/02/2018170.175C. I
VWA Open61.62(+1) 60(+1) 77(+5) 13710/03/2018182.011B. II
Geelong Open & Youth GP 361.70557412921/04/2018171.245C. I
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships60.20607413425/05/2018180.659B. II
Victorian Senior & Junior Championships59.50(+1) 61(+3) 80(+4) 14114/07/2018191.527B. II

Competition Attempts

HWC Alby Dutton & Bill Keir Memorial inc. Masters GP460.2543465055606546651113/10/2015
Barwon Open & Barwon Club Youth GP360.72475052666870507012013/12/2015
Geelong Open59.80485153687173517112220/03/2016
Vic Masters Championships incl Masters GP2 & VWA Open59.3547515266667047701179/04/2016
Victorian Junior/Youth/U15 Championships60.0548485070507012022/05/2016
Olitek Australian & Oceania Masters Championships60.1048515470707351731244/06/2016
Vic Senior Championships59.60505254697273526912123/07/2016
Barwon Open59.70525456707476567413018/12/2016
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP159.7052555772757752751275/02/2017
World Masters Games/Championships59.95555859737676557613127/04/2017
VWA Open incl Masters GP358.48545454667172547212624/06/2017
Victorian Masters Championships incl Masters GP460.66565659737377597313219/08/2017
AWF & OWF Masters Championships & Pacific Rim & World Cup60.45576060727577577212927/10/2017
Geelong Open & Geelong Youth GP463.50565658707375587313117/12/2017
Victorian Masters Championships incl GP 161.55555558737677557312817/02/2018
VWA Open61.62555860747780607713710/03/2018
Geelong Open & Youth GP 361.70555860747777557412921/04/2018
Australian & Oceania Masters Championships60.20585860747780607413425/05/2018
Victorian Senior & Junior Championships59.50576061747780618014114/07/2018

Percent Successful Lifts

Number EventsSNCJBoth
State Events1558%64%60%
Higher Events (National/International)450%50%50%
All Events (Overall)1954%62%58%

Average First Attempts Compared to PB

When Successful-2kg - 12 events-3kg - 15 events
When missed-2kg - 6 events-3kg - 3 events

History of Records Broken

LiftRecordBwtLevelAge GroupDateRecord Status
CJ65F63VICMast 40-4403/Oct/2015Broken by Toni Lane
SNATCH46F63VICMast 40-4403/Oct/2015Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL111F63VICMast 40-4403/Oct/2015Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL117F63VICMast 40-4409/Apr/2016Broken by Toni Lane
SNATCH47F63VICMast 40-4409/Apr/2016Broken by Toni Lane
CJ70F63VICMast 40-4409/Apr/2016Broken by Toni Lane
SNATCH50F63VICMast 40-4422/May/2016Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL120F63VICMast 40-4422/May/2016Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL124F63VICMast 40-4404/Jun/2016Broken by Toni Lane
SNATCH51F63VICMast 40-4404/Jun/2016Broken by Toni Lane
CJ73F63VICMast 40-4404/Jun/2016Broken by Toni Lane
SNATCH52F63VICMast 40-4423/Jul/2016Broken by Tina Di Carluccio
SNATCH56F63VICMast 40-4418/Dec/2016Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL130F63VICMast 40-4418/Dec/2016Broken by Toni Lane
CJ74F63VICMast 40-4418/Dec/2016Broken by Toni Lane
CJ75F63VICMast 40-4405/Feb/2017Broken by Toni Lane
CJ76F63VICMast 40-4427/Apr/2017Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL131F63VICMast 40-4427/Apr/2017Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL132F63VICMast 40-4419/Aug/2017Broken by Toni Lane
SNATCH59F63VICMast 40-4419/Aug/2017Broken by Toni Lane
CJ73F69VICMast 40-4417/Dec/2017Current Record
TOTAL131F69VICMast 40-4417/Dec/2017Current Record
SNATCH58F69VICMast 40-4417/Dec/2017Current Record
SNATCH60F63VICMast 40-4425/May/2018Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL134F63VICMast 40-4425/May/2018Broken by Toni Lane
TOTAL141F63VICMast 40-4414/Jul/2018Current Record
SNATCH61F63VICMast 40-4414/Jul/2018Current Record
CJ80F63VICMast 40-4414/Jul/2018Current Record
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